Music is giving a measure to the beauty of sound, whose rhythm can be discovered in the most unusual of places. It is not often that we stop and allow ourselves to perceive the urban sounds that surround us, a vibrant atmosphere that almost goes undetectable. We are so reliant of our sense of sight that we often dismiss our other senses. Silva´s work presents a beautiful sound panorama rescued from an ordinary day in a town on the cost. During some minutes he records surrounding sounds on the terraced roofs of Santa Maria neighbourhood: seagulls, bells or boat sirens reaching the port. Nothing special.  Besides the non-visual beautiful review of the place, the colouring of the acoustic details transforms this work into a musical piece of exquisite nature and serene beauty, which portrays the spirit of a city.

It is fundamental to know that this piece is a personal experience, which relates to its creator´s sound apprenticeship. After loosing its hearing at the age of three, the artist recovers it through a cochlear implant. The coordinates of this work coincide with the place where he lived his first years of life and through which he recovers a distant acoustic memory of childhood which thus becomes alive again.


Text for the catalog of the exhibition “ Que vienen los Bárbaros"

Curated by Sema D´Acosta y Ignacio Tovar.

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